Key People


An SRCC graduate born in the piousness of Amritsar and blessed with an undeterred vision to succeed at whatever challenges came his way. Pioneer in setting up rice trade with Russia, Mr. Surinder Mohan Bhatia did not give up his dream even after a slight downfall in this endeavor. He saw this as an opportunity to engage in the Middle East and eventually set up one of the largest Rice Trading and manufacturing Company. Presently, he is a proud owner of two states of the art rice manufacturing units in the rice bowl of the country i.e. Punjab and Haryana.


Visionary himself and engineer with great insight of rice industry, Mr. Chander Mohan Bhatia born and brought up in Amritsar stood tall with his brother facing the tryst of destiny and the ups and downs of business but never saw failure pull him down or success get a hold of him. He jointly, with his brother entered the Middle East and Arab Markets and saw the business reach great heights.

This was just the start….


S/o Mr. Surinder Mohan Bhatia and as the eldest child of the house, Mr. Salil Bhatia took the opportunity given by his mentors, Mr. Surinder Mohan Bhatia (father) and Mr. Chander Mohan Bhatia (uncle), to not only expand the trading business but also ventured into a manufacturing domain, proving time and again that the family stood on common values and desired to achieve the most far-fetched of challenges Mr. Salil looks after the marketing domain for his manufacturing units.


A master’s in Management by profession Satyen, S/o of Mr. Surinder Mohan Bhatia always had an inkling towards business and his strong family values saw the production domain of his business grow substantially. Looking after the production of both Amritsar ensures the highest standard and quality of the product is under his strict supervision.


Gaurav Bhatia, A Technocrat, has Mastered his skills at purchasing. Gaurav looks after all the raw material requirements. A strong believer of quality and ethics maintains the same, no matter how difficult while procuring, with no room for anything other than perfection leading to a supreme end product. The assiduous streak while purchasing has made resulted in Mahreen/Golden Grain being the best in the market.


Hena Bhatia, masters in finance, is heading the domestic part of the business. She looks after the retailing of the brand in the Indian market.

Her aim is to make the brand number 1 in the domestic market just as it is in the export market.